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I'm the "Cancelled Cartoonist" from the UK.
Cancelled in February 2020 from my role as politial cartoonist of the Mornin...
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g Star, Britain's only communist daily newspaper, for a cartoon about proposed expansion of Self-ID.
3 years later, they still refuse to apologise or print my right of reply, which you can see on

SInce then, I've been on many feminist and free speech podcasts, publishing my cartoons on GETTR, spinster, and my own website,
I also have a small youtube channel, Radical Cartoons (what a surprise)!

I published my book on my cancellation, its also a cartoon review of Plandemic Year Zero. Its called "2020, The Year We Were All Cancelled". You can buy it through Amazon & other online booksellers.
I'm an activist with Kellie-Jay Keen's Standing for Women, and KPSS, plus taking part in the many campaigns to preserve our rights in TERF ISLAND.
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