06:44 PM Jan 10, 2023 EST Edited: 03:45 AM Jan 11, 2023 EST

"It is a mistake to see men as pitiable victims or vessels to be "saved" through Female Self-sacrifice. However possessed males may be within patriarchy, it is THEIR order; it is THEY who feed on women's stolen energy.
It is a trap to imagine that Women should "save" men from the dynamics of demonic posession; and to attempt this is to fall deeper into the pit of posession.
It is Women, OurSelves, who will have to expel the father from ourselves, becoming our own exorcists."

-Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

This is why I never appeal to males when it comes to the harms they impose on themselves and eachother. Not only would I be insulting myself and the lived experience of billions and billions and billions of Women and Girls by trying to get men to care about themselves in the hopes that they will subsequently start to care about us,
But rescuing men from the consequences of their own pestilential existence, while they continue being generated in crisis numbers and remain the social majority in every country and enjoy uninterrupted indulgences and liberties with locally and internationally trafficked and indentured Female lives and bodies, is the farthest thing from my mind. In fact, I dont think the consequences they experience are nearly severe enough.