Gender Jesus Camp: Jesus Was a TERF

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TT Exulansic

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She didn't like this photo of me and stated having this belief makes me a bigot (which is a word that refers to your will...
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ingness to change your belief or beliefs and your level of antagonism towards people based on group membership). She was confused why I said that harassing me on the basis of my spiritual beliefs and group membership (she doesn't like “terfs”) qualified her as a bigot.

So she made a video in which she wagged her finger at me so hard I expected it to dislocate. At the end of the video, she tells me that the Jesus in my Bible (not Gender Jesus) would consider me a heretic. At no point did she attempt to confirm that my spiritual beliefs were Christian flavored, and of course the sign was referring to my gender atheist spiritual belief that spirits aren't real so they can't be born into the wrong body.

Looking at what Jesus actually said on the topic of what a woman is, as someone who has actually read the book and not just watched one or more film adaptations, in Luke 23: 28-29, Jesus addresses the DAUGHTERS of Jerusalem, stating that blessed are the WOMEN without children, the WOMBS that never bore, and the BREASTS that never bore. Very clearly, Jesus thought that there was some connection between daughterhood, womanhood, and the biological circumstance of having wombs and breasts which developed to be capable of bearing and suckling children, ceteris paribus. Most of the time he interacts women, he will address the woman with the word “woman.” At no point that I can find did he ask anyone’s pronouns or question how they identified on the inside, nor did God the Father when nominating Mary to be his mother.

Of course, when I pointed this out, this user, who has a sizeable following, removed the comment and blocked me. I am sure that if she had the power, she’d order the literal bible be edited to remove this transphobic heresy and protect her apparently uprooted and drifting image of Jesus the baby-lovin’ chill they/them who hates terfs because he would never misgender. If Gender Jesus and Legacy Jesus ever are at odds, we all know which Jesus they want taught in public schools, and which Jesus is a cowardly bigoted opinion that should never have the protections of spiritual beliefs.
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