Mastectochism: The Autistic Mastectochist and the Purple Nurple Purgatory

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TT Exulansic

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Mastectochism is a portmanteau of mastectomy, masochism, and catechism, and looks at the whys, hows, and wherefores of ideolo...
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gical breast removal. In this episode, a young autistic woman has her breasts removed along with the nipples. Exulansic reminisces about her time as a young autistic woman in university when she had a similar haircut and mindset.

Mastectochism is the tendency of a particular genre of trans man to express self-hatred and submission to the group via the enjoyable injury of elective, placebo mastectomy. Being ostentatiously wounded in a ritualistic fashion, and then healing from it with community involvement and support, creates a shared experience that imparts a sense of belonging, an objective determiner of who is in versus out group. This functions as a sort of common-groundskeeping mechanism to reinforce that WE are not like THEM, and to identify who is WE and who is THEM, objectively. This episode looks at a particular mastectochist who is unusually vulnerable to cult groupthink/love-bombing tactics.
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