Dagny "Nex" Benedict: What Really Happened?

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Disclaimer/Disclosure: This is my opinion as a lay person with some medical understanding. My relevant qualification here is ...
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that I have been through several CPR/First Aid trainings and am a licensed speech-language pathologist. We sometimes provide breath support training, which involves identifying respiratory effort and efficiency, and have education in the components of the respiratory mechanism. I have also been in this situation personally, where a teenager keeled over and went into decorticate posturing and agonal breathing, turning gray with rolled-back eyes. Because of my training, it took me a very short period of time to determine CPR was warranted. Once a life-sustaining pattern was restored, the child was able to maintain it, and so he survived the experience. I really cannot understand Grandma Sue’s choices. The benefit of the doubt says she is not baking with a full pan. The 911 operator should be held accountable, and the facility’s training procedures should be reviewed. Finally, one thing that occurred after filming this is that Dagny’s choice to spill water on the ground may have been what caused her to slip and hit her head. The dust cloud of three girls attacking her as she blacked out might have just been confabulation or a lie to avoid embarrassment at having caused her injury with her foolishness.
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