10:23 AM Jan 02, 2023 EST

I don't care what she did or how many guys she 'played' or insulted. That is no justification for her murder in 2019.

Brandon Clark killed 17 year old Bianca in one of the sickest ways possible. He basically decapitated her and recorded it all. Some sickos are actually searching for those images/pictures on Google.

In 2010, when Brandon was a child, Brandon's father, Jason Clark, abused/beat his mother in front of him. That could be a factor to why Brandon is so messed up.

I don't care if men feel disrespected by women sometimes. That's nothing compared to the violent crime men are known to commit, especially against women. Since male on female homicide is already 3+ times more common than the reverse, and since women are usually NOT a physical threat to men, male on female violence should be heavily condemned and frowned upon at all times. Bianca may have disrespected Brandon but she never put his life at risk. He killed her for non violent reasons, possibly incel reasons.

If cheating or playing with your partner's emotions means it's okay for them to kill you, then by the logic of these misogynists online, Travis Alexander deserved what he got because he played with Jodi Arias and cheated on her.

The quote 'misandry irritates, misogyny kills' is very accurate.