03:58 PM Jan 03, 2023 EST

There is a new video of the CEO of the UFC having an altercation with his wife, Anne, at a party in Mexico. They were both drunk. She slapped him. He slapped her back, twice.

After that party, Dana White immediately regretted the situation and claims they lost control of their behavior because they were drunk. He also agrees that a man should never hit a woman.

Being drunk can be a factor to why people may commit violence, but they still have criminal responsibility. That's why a drunk person who kills someone, can still be charged with murder.

Also, as they say, "a drunk mouth speaks a sober mind." This means that a person's behavior, while they are drunk, may reflect how they THINK when they are sober. This suggests that there might be relationship problems between Dana White and his wife. There might be some resentment going on.

When people are drunk, they are more likely to do what they feel like doing, at the moment.

Alcohol doesn't make people lose control of their actions. It just makes them care less. However, I do agree that there will be less violence in our society if we stopped using alcohol and other recreational drugs.