05:52 PM Jan 12, 2023 EST

This isn't really an important thread, just wanted to gauge if some people prefer watching female MMA matches more than male ones? I know men are going to be stronger in their bouts, but the women seem to hang in their longer in my opinion. I know there are some here who might not like physical violence, I'm okay with it in sports as long as there's rules in place to protect the athlete; people clearly love to fight and watch fighting, women aren't any different in that regard. I get some entertainment out of the troll comments from men who would clearly get destroyed in the octagon by these women. I doubt these women are trembling over some skinny or obese keyboard warrior's opinions on their fighting abilities. I personally think the older women past their prime still last longer than older men in the ring, since women have a higher pain tolerance. I know that a younger woman is more likely to win against a woman in her early 40s, there's still many talented fighters in female professional MMA, wrestling or boxing.