01:24 PM Jan 15, 2023 EST Edited: 02:29 PM Jan 16, 2023 EST

Another despicable broadcasted case of a male killing his female partner this year. A 14 year old boy, Elia Olson, repeatedly shot his girlfriend, Jazlene Jones, who's also 14.

This adds together with the other infuriating cases such as what Jared Dicus did to Anggy Diaz, what Brian Walshe did to his wife, Ana, and the Haight Family murders+suicide.

Males continually prove what scumbags they are, but what really drives me nuts is when they don't show the suspect's face, because he is underage. Again, it doesn't matter how young a male is! If he has proven himself to have the capacity to commit violent crimes, he should be exposed.

Edit: Never mind. Thank goodness; Jazlene Jones survived, but still, let that boy rot in prison for trying to kill her.