10:38 AM Jan 19, 2023 EST

I'm posting this video as someone who mostly disagrees with the uploader, but I figured this would be an interesting topic of discussion to see what men and women can do to have a middle ground when it comes to dating. I do want to warn that the uploader at the halfway point seems to be shitting on feminism for unjust reasons, he's also not talking about 2nd wave radical feminism, he's talking about 3rd wave liberal feminism which I think isn't the right method of arguing against women and modern dating.

The uploader does deal his potshots towards men, how men have more sociopathic brains and are more prone to violence, but I don't think this is productive in the modern world. Humans are more than their biology, especially in this world we've created in the past 100 years, why limit ourselves to how we used to live 100,000 years ago? Men don't need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger and women don't need to have 8 children while the man skins the sabertooth tiger.