11:20 AM Jul 13, 2022 EST

First, Amber Heard gets unjustly punished within her case with Johnny Depp, then Roe v Wade gets overturned, and now this; a woman gets ticketed by the cops for 'indecent exposure' while wearing a crop top in Louisiana.

While a crop top may not be a popular choice of clothing for most people, that does NOT count as nudity, so she should have NEVER been ticketed. She should really fight this case in court and sue the cops and/or the possible lawmakers in her state who lead to this.

Even though the cops who charged her are female themselves, they are participating in enforcing a patriarchal system where women are controlled on what they can or cannot wear.

If this had been a man with his shirt off, at that gathering, even if he was grotesquely obese, it is seriously doubtful that he would have been ticketed for indecent exposure. This signifies that systemic discrimination against women still exists in America.

These red states are notorious for being sexist against women and restricting their abortion rights. The blue states aren't much better, as they allow men to compete in women's sports. Even they view another group as above women. A high school female athlete, Selina Soule was told by her teachers and fellow students to keep her mouth shut and that "a girl is to be seen but not heard" when she complained about unjust leftist policies affecting her athletic pursuits. Can you believe that? If that doesn't sound bad enough, just listen to that supposed 'pro-feminist' YouTuber Vaush badmouthing her and calling her all kinds of female-specific slurs, back in 2019, during one of his livestreams.

Some places in America have the worst of both worlds(right and left) for women and girls.

Neither the right nor the left in America seems to value women's opinions and concerns. There's always someone above the female sex, that they value more.

America is pretty much the most anti-woman western country. We need to spread awareness and do something to fix that.