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Each user is allowed to post up to 4 threads and 4 videos a day. Video counts and thread counts are reset at 12:00 am EST every day, without consideration for daylight savings.

We encourage you to try your best to post videos only under the category in which it belongs, based on the topic. We also encourage you to post relevant thumbnails for videos.

The default category is the 'Blogs' section, which covers a large variety of topics.


To avoid spam, we have reasonably limited the rate in which users can post comments. You may post up to 10 comments in an hour, on the forum and on the video section of this site. The comments you post on threads are independent from the comments you post on videos. For example, if you posted 10 forum comments within an hour, you may still comment on videos. Your comment count is reset based on the start of every hour, not based on when you posted your first comment within the hour.

How to include pictures in your thread:

Use the [img][/img] tags with the link of the image in between.

How to embed an external video in your thread:

Use the [vid][/vid] tags and put the embedded version of the video link in between.

For example, if the link to the YouTube video is:


, the embedded link you should post is


However, the video doesn't have to be from YouTube. You can embed a video from places like BitChute as well. If the BitChute video is:


then the embed link is:


On some other video sites, like Odysee and TikTok, you may have to get a special type of embed link on the video page itself.

To embed a FemiNuremberg video on the forum, replace 'video.php' in 'https://feminuremberg.com/video.php?v=...' with 'embed.php' and put that link in between the [vid][/vid] tags.

You can also use [img][/img] and [vid][/vid] tags in your comments, to embed images and videos, but only within the forum. We currently do not allow this feature for video comments, video descriptions or channel descriptions.

Uploading Videos:

Videos can be any size between 1 kb and 2 gb, but please avoid uploading videos that are longer than 30 minutes, unless they have to do with advocating for women, which is what this site is intended for.

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