Know that FemiNuremberg is a pro-women platform. We focus mainly on social issues involving women, but there are also other topics of discussion with their own category. This platform aims to appeal to a female demographic. Men who join this site, must be allies to women.

The rules apply to every user-activity on this site whether it comes to comments, video content, titles, video descriptions, channel descriptions, thumbnails, profile pictures, forum posts, forum images, chat room posts etc

- Do not use inappropriate usernames or display names.

- Do not try to impersonate someone else.

- Do not use someone else's email address when signing up.

- Do not make multiple accounts, under normal circumstances. Each individual person is allowed to have only one active account. However, if you are no longer, at all, able to access the email address you created your account with, if your current email provider is blocking account recovery emails from this site to your email address, if you forgot the email address you signed up with, if you accidentally typed in the wrong email address, or if your account gets hacked/stolen, there can be an exception. If you just created a new account and the site is not allowing you to make anymore, tell that to one of the moderators on another social media site, if you can. Banned users are forbidden from signing up again.

- Do not make anti-female posts. Since this is a website centered around women, there is zero tolerance for any kind of misogyny. Anyone who is caught being anti-female will be instantly banned without warning and without going through the 3-strike system. One of the main reasons this platform was created in the first place, is because it is a revolution and retribution against all of the anti-women content that is allowed on YouTube.

- Do not post pornographic content.

- Do not post disgusting content for the sole purpose of grossing people out.

- Do not encourage sexualization of minors.

- Racism is not allowed. Do not use racial slurs. Do not engage in any hate speech against others based on race or ethnicity.

- Do not call for violence nor make violent threats.

- Do not spam; Do not intentionally make the exact same post over and over again, do not post links to strange websites, do not intentionally post broken links, do not make gibberish posts that make no sense and have absolutely no meaning etc

- Do not use bots to post on this site. All user activity must be from a real person who owns the account.

- Do not post copyright content or copy other users' video content, unless it's fair use.

- Do not try to hack other people's accounts.

- Do not use misleading titles for your videos. That is, don't use titles that have absolutely nothing to do with the video content.

- Do not misuse the report button.

- Do not intentionally engage in any kind of disruptive or destructive activity on this site.

- Do not use this website to do anything that is considered a crime in the real world.

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