08:19 PM Aug 15, 2022 EST

I know I have spent a decent amount of time building this forum, and most of you think it looks very nice.

I have posted a lot of threads and so have users like RaiAstelle. I appreciate this brief fun time we have had, these past few weeks, writing our thoughts.

However, I feel that this website can do better, and can actually become a feminist alternative to YouTube. I'm going to get a new hosting plan that will allow me to have enough space for us to upload videos to this site.

Unfortunately, we will have to say goodbye to the home page of this forum, in a few more weeks.

The threads will remain, and so will the individual 'categories' for the forum. You can go on the 'social issues' section and continue posting threads, but once I'm finished upgrading this site, the threads will no longer appear on the homepage, which will show videos instead.

Any thoughts? Comment below.