07:35 PM Aug 19, 2022 EST Edited: 07:48 PM Aug 19, 2022 EST

Listen to this evil kid at 1:17 to 3:18 and read the comments below by other degenerate males who agree with him.

Like I mentioned before, this anti-women Nick Fuentes piece of shit and all his male followers who praise him and call him 'based' for his hate speech against women, is one of the reasons I created THIS site.

The internet has been infested with misogyny for over a decade with all kinds of sexist anti-women men(e.g Tom Leykis, AaronClarey, Tommy Sotomayor, Turd Flinging Monkey, Sandman, Terrence Popp, Roosh V, Chateau Heartiste, Andrew Anglin, and like I said, Nick Fuentes) plus all their followers. And look at the way guys treat girls in video games. Even as a teenager, they know how to belittle women, and this behavior manifests itself when they abuse women in real life when they become older.

It's not just older men. As you can see, YOUNG Gen Z men and boys have also developed such a sexist hateful far-right wing stance against women. This is why we need to recruit and train a lot more young Gen Z women and girls to become radical feminists and join; not just millennials and older.

I'm still working on adding a video-upload feature to this site. If I shall succeed with making this site a video-sharing platform, our next step is to bring as many women and girls to this site as possible, in whatever way possible; either through direct feminist content, or through general female-oriented interests and activities. Yes, males can join too but they have to agree with the cause. I will ONLY allow feminists to have freedom of speech on this site. It's about time we have a safe haven for women, for once on the internet. Now there is double the benefit of having this site, due to the censorship on YouTube and other Big Tech platforms these days.

If I don't succeed in making this site a video platform and it only remains as the forum that it is right now, oh well. I will still encourage the same ideals.

I will allow and ENCOURAGE all the women and girls who join this site to spew whatever vitriol they have about the behavior of males and at the same time post fun and informative content while growing their audience. I think that may be a better alternative to TikTok, for young women.

If pro-male anti-female narratives are spread around the internet, I think it's only fair if anti-male pro-female narratives are spread around the internet too. We can't let misogyny go unchallenged.