07:00 AM Aug 17, 2022 EST Edited: 09:16 AM Aug 17, 2022 EST

My previous thread talked about turning this forum into a video-sharing site and getting a new hosting plan for that.

I haven't gotten a new hosting plan yet, nor have I changed anything on the home page.

I will only start changing the homepage, after I finish creating an uploading page, a video-player and a video page to test out videos. I will also test out features such as comments, ratings, and subscribers. If anything goes wrong, or if those videos don't work, I'll keep this site the way it is.

If my plan does work, I'll make the video-upload feature available to all users on this site. We can make our videos until we run out of space. Only then, will I go for a new hosting plan. Then we can continue making videos, and this site will truly become a feminist alternative to YouTube.

To those of you on this forum, you can continue posting as usual.