01:58 PM Aug 23, 2022 EST

♠️You might have seen how transgender people use intersex people to get back at feminists, but they only spread misinformation about this subject.So what is intersex?

♣️Intersex people are individuals born with any of several sex characteristics including chromosome patterns, gonads, or genitals that, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

♠️Current medical science is generally able to determine the sex of babies with intersex conditions.

♣️No intersex person or any person has the ability of both impregnating and getting pregnant.It's impossible.

♠️Intersex people can function as either women or men.Intersex women can give birth, intersex men can impregnate.

♣️Transgender people are born either male or female without such conditions, they have no reasons to mutilate themselves, in the cases were they actually have a mental condition that makes them feel like there's something wrong with their healthy organs then psychiatrists need to do their damn job and find out what's the actual problem(but of course they won't do that since medical companies make tons of many off of problems like these).Cosmetic surgery/mutilating healthy organs is never the answer to a mental issue.Cutting any body part causes health problems, in some cases irreversible, in some even life-threatening.

♠️♣️Intersex people should not be used as pawns.

*I have seen on Tumblr an intersex woman explaining why she is still a woman and intersex people are still women and men and they're tired of getting used by TRA's.I couldn't find it again, though.If you have any more information about this then feel free to share.Every time and everywhere I search there's misinformation from troon tumblr accounts and biology-denying sites.There were some panels explaining this conditions too.