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My last thread was about this crazy ex boyfriend, James Douglas Rayl who got shot by the girl's father for trying to break into their house. In no way can I fathom how the ex boyfriend wasn't in the wrong and that it was the girl's fault, but Anglin still found a way to blame the female in the situation and once again encourage violence against women.

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FemiNuremberg Thread Image

Look at the degree of hate this Napoleon complex bozo has against women. I have no idea where it's coming from.

Of course, he still has a significant amount of misogynistic followers who regurgitate what he says in the comments under this video. I'll let you click on the video to read some of them yourself, and maybe even leave your own comment like I did.

These guys are seriously blaming the woman for 'making her ex do this'. If a man wants to act like an animal who can't take accountability, he should get treated like an animal and put down. HE was the one who felt entitled to invade her and her family's property. He had no right to do that. No one MADE him do anything. I never see men get blamed for women's bad decisions in the comments.

Now you see that the internet is biased against women, and the woman by default gets hated on and blamed, even when the man was completely in the wrong, even with no context or clue to what the woman did wrong. Like I said, this is why I'm in favor of building an army of misandrists on this site, preferably of Gen Z American English-speaking females. And yeah, this site will turn into a video-hosting platform with a comment section soon, which might attract a bigger audience than a forum does.

Anglin still gets about 3 million monthly views to his Dailystormer site and that's not a problem, unless nothing challenges it. If Anglin and Nick Fuentes can have their 'trollstorm' of misogynists, it's only fair if the reverse also exists, to right the wrong.

As I said before, if anti female, pro male narratives are spread around the internet, it's only fair if anti male, pro female narratives are also spread around the internet.



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