04:32 PM Sep 14, 2022 EST Edited: 04:49 PM Sep 14, 2022 EST

Now, this site is not only a forum, but a place to upload videos, similar to YouTube. This is a YouTube alternative.

Go ahead, check out the homepage.

If you want to upload videos, the maximum file size is 500 megabytes but for me, I'm having trouble uploading anything over 100 mb. I think some of you may have the same issue. Anything below 100 mb should be fine, but if you have problems, let me know.

100 mb basically means your video can't be over 1 and a half minutes long if it has a lot of action. However, if it's just like a talking slideshow with different pictures periodically, similar to the way I usually make videos, it can be up to 10 minutes long.

If/when this platform gets enough users and traffic, I will upgrade the hosting plan which will allow longer videos.