11:51 AM Sep 13, 2022 EST

Hello everyone. I hope you like the new look of this website and the new forum design. I have saved all of the past threads.

You can now comment, reply and rate other people's comments and threads without having to refresh the page. This is similar to how the YouTube comment section works. That's the way it is for the comment section of videos hosted on this site too. 🙂

As for video-hosting, I'm almost finished. I have completed the upload page, search page, channel page for every user, and I have even uploaded the first video for this site.

Now, I just have to finish the 'related videos' section and the homepage, where the videos will be shown. Right now, the 'Home' page is identical to the 'Forum' page.

Feel free to continue to post on this forum, and feel free to start uploading videos, even though I haven't quite finished with this platform yet. After all, I need some more sample videos as a marker for whether things work or not.

I think everything is working the way it's supposed to but if you notice anything wrong, please let me know.