08:54 PM Sep 04, 2022 EST Edited: 08:58 PM Sep 04, 2022 EST

Up until now, I have always used a black background color because I like how it contrasts with the very light brownish color, where the main content is, and gives a 'nightly' appearance.

However, I am now testing new background colors such as lavender, because it may be easier on the eyes for women coming to this site, but what do you personally think?

Do you prefer this color or the black background color... or some other color... or maybe I should add a nice background image/design?

I'm trying to find the best color arrangements for this site, in order for me to optimize the average user-experience, so this place can grow its audience as quickly as possible, especially for the video-sharing platform I'm still in the process of building.

I know colors aren't all that important compared to other things, but every little detail counts.😉