05:26 PM Nov 12, 2022 EST

At some time around the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018, a 31 year old Charlottesville woman named Molly Meghan Miller went missing and was found dead a day later.

Her fiancé, Anson Parker, reported that she left their house when she was reported missing, but she was found dead INSIDE the house, which made me automatically suspect him in being responsible for her death, when I first heard about this case.

When I made a video suggesting that Anson could have possibly been responsible for Molly death, Molly's stepdad Dan "Dano" McConnell raged and cursed at me in the comment section, vehemently defending Anson, stressing that there is no way Anson had anything to do with Molly's death, and that he 'knows what happened'. However, to this day, her exact cause of death has not been revealed.

I'm not making any definite conclusions, but I have read about too many cases of domestic violence and intimate partner homicides. Therefore, it's very difficult for me to rule that out as a possibility, whenever women go missing and are then discovered to have died.

To be fair, it was reported that Molly's body didn't exhibit any signs of physical trauma, so she obviously did not die in an outright violent manner, but there can still be foul play involved.

Some people concluded that Molly committed suicide after being affected by a drug she took for endometriosis, kratom. Some say she was depressed that she could never have children. Some say she didn't like the fact that she was never fully married to Anson. Some even speculated that she had cancer.

This was sad and tragic, indeed. I actually found out that Molly had a YouTube channel and a few videos. She was well-spoken and seemed like a nice person. She seemed to have liberal views, while her stepdad had conservative views, as I saw on his Facebook page.

What do you personally think of all of this? Let me know in the comments.