09:33 PM Nov 09, 2022 EST

You may notice that the videos get processed, only after a certain time each day, if there are any uploaded. That's because I usually wake up at that time.

Here's the way things have been going since video-sharing started on FemiNuremberg. After I go on my computer, first thing in the morning and throughout the day, I check whether or not there are any videos uploaded on this site. If I see a new video file, I download it and manually process it myself, while offline. Then I come back to this site, and upload the processed version of that video along with creating a thumbnail from a random timeframe, if there isn't a custom thumbnail. Then the original version of the video gets deleted, and the processed version gets presented as the content in the video page.

The point of 'processing' is so I can reduce the file size, so it takes up as less space as possible while maintaining the same content.

You may(or may not) have thought that the uploads get processed by themselves. It really depends on when I'm available. lol

I have a full time job now, so if you upload any videos during the day, for the next week, keep in mind that they probably won't be processed anytime soon. You will have to wait until I get home. However, when I find some time, I will upgrade my hosting plan which will allow me to install a program(the same program I have been using to process videos offline) that will automatically process your uploads online, even when I'm gone. My current hosting plan does not allow that, but now that I have an income, I can afford to pay more for a different hosting plan.

I'm also working on making it so that you don't have to refresh the page while uploading, so it's possible for you to upload videos over 100 megabytes.