09:48 AM Nov 05, 2022 EST

A 13 year old girl in Florida gets stabbed to death by a 14 year old boy in May 2021 for no reason, and Andrew Anglin writes an article on his Dailystormer site talking about how she deserved it, seemingly for no other reason than she is female.

Anglin seems to like seeing white males commit violent crimes against white females.

Plenty of YouTube comments from 2021 were also saying that Aiden Fucci should be freed. Even though you might say that they are 'trolls', I had a serious argument with a user named 'Paul Travis' who called Aiden a hero for what he did because he hates women due to men being treated unfairly in divorce courts. All these guys may be Anglin's followers.

This is why misogyny on the internet is out of control. There are men out there who hate women so badly that they think random acts of violence against women/girls is okay. This is why misandry is justified and I celebrate whenever it's a male victim and a female perpetrator.

Women and girls need to stand up for themselves and realize how many evil males there are in this world, who unjustifiably and unreasonably have hatred towards the female sex.