07:20 PM Oct 30, 2022 EST Edited: 07:22 PM Oct 30, 2022 EST

Apparently, Eisel is always focusing on what female YouTubers do on their Instagram pages, and whether or not they wear bikinis. Why is he so concerned with that? That gives a pretty creepy vibe.

He also tends to specifically choose bikini pics for a thumbnail, of any woman he makes a video about, even if that woman shows herself clothed most of the time. What a creeper.

If it's just to criticize these female YouTubers, why doesn't he do the same with male YouTubers who go on Instagram to pose shirtless, showing their muscles? I didn't see him stalk and 'criticize' the Light Twins like he did with Nina and Randa.

And don't claim that you think that looks shouldn't matter, when you constantly run your mouth about whether or not certain women are 'good looking'.