08:37 PM Oct 23, 2022 EST Edited: 09:23 PM Oct 23, 2022 EST

Thanks to email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail etc censoring/blocking my site-generated email updates to the users here, this website and the videos aren't getting as much traffic as they could have gotten.

I mean sure, send the mail to the spam folder, only if the user marks it as spam but to totally block it from reaching the user at all, when the users themselves didn't choose to turn off email notifications and the email already contains a 1-click unsubscribe link, should be considered a crime.

As for the vast majority of users who have notifications turned on, I need to periodically reach them through email so they don't forget about this site, since it's human nature to forget.

I know that some users come back here by themselves, but statistically, websites will always get more traffic if they are able to reach users via email then if they are unable to.

Some users have commented on the earlier videos when the video-sharing platform started and they have expressed how much they liked this place. They were active for a while when my emails still reached them, but once the emails started to get blocked, they never came back again.

These email providers need to have their asses sued off for doing shit like this to website owners!

Google, you can put my site at a disadvantage in the search engine but don't fuck with the emails that I send!

One thing I hope is that the users who have been gone for more than a month and decide to come back, will still be able to receive an email for a code to log in, if they forgot their password.