05:41 PM Nov 11, 2022 EST Edited: 07:16 PM Nov 11, 2022 EST

Instead of having a proper relationship with his own wife, who's around his age, he just had to creep on a young playboy model named Kelsey Turner. As if playboy models don't put up with enough.

So many men are always looking for women much younger than they are. This guy thought his old creepy self could manipulate an inexperienced young lady and make her his side chick. It turns out she was too young for him to handle for his age. LOL

It looks like he thought he could take advantage of her by bribing her with rent money in exchange for sex, but when she refused him sex, he stopped paying, and then things went south.

Why else would an old man exclusively give free things to a playboy model?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.