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Looks like us Canadians are going to get censored big time. The government is trying to control what we can say, share and see, on the internet. They are now trying to take away our freedom, even though they are trying to deny it.

"OTTAWA - Big tech companies that offer online streaming services could soon be required to contribute to Canadian content as a controversial Liberal bill gets one step closer to becoming law.
The Senate has passed the online streaming act known as Bill C-11 with a dozen amendments following a lengthy study by senators.

The bill would update Canada's broadcasting rules to reflect online streaming giants such as YouTube, Netflix and Spotify, and require them to contribute to Canadian content and make it accessible to users in Canada -- or face steep penalties.

Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez says he hopes the House of Commons will pass the bill next week after it reviews the Senate's changes.

Senators made amendments intended to protect user-generated content and highlight the promotion of Indigenous languages and Black content creators.

They also included a change that would prohibit CBC from producing sponsored content, and another that would require companies to verify users' ages before they access sexually-explicit material.

Rodriguez said Thursday that the Liberal government would not accept all of the Senate's recommendations, but he didn't say which ones he disagrees with."

You see that? Just ONE MORE WEEK until they make this tyrannical censorship bill(C11) into LAW, while the pro free speech Texas social media law (HB 20) is being delayed by the Supreme Court, possibly until up to next year.

I'm not sure about Google but they are making it so that our YouTube videos get put at a disadvantage in the algorithms, if they are not considered 'Canadian' enough, or if people don't want to watch it, due to the fact that it's not our intended audience being recommended our videos.

I'm so glad I quit making YouTube videos and encouraged my subscribers to come to FemiNuremberg.

Even the leaders of YouTube and Google, with all the censorship they themselves have already caused, are against Bill C11 from Canada, which causes further unneeded censorship.

By the way, what does being Black or Indigenous have to do with how we should highlight content creators?? I thought we were all supposed to be treated equally, under the law. No race should be discriminated against nor be given special privileges in the system.

Trudeau and Pablo Rodriguez, I'm not sure if your stupid Bill C11 law will apply to small websites like mine. Either way, I won't follow it, so you both can go fuck yourselves. Go ahead and arrest me. I'll just sue you guys or move to the states. I hope people sue you both to oblivion, eventually, for committing this crime against humanity.

Like Thomas Jefferson said, "When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes a duty."

These anti freedom, anti capitalist policies, these days, are why so many of us, especially Canadians, cannot spread our ideas and creativity around anymore. It's also why we are so broke these days and rely on wageslave jobs and/or welfare, with little hope of being something better, in the future. Like I said, it's the system, that will keep us down. Canada is slowly becoming a communist country.

Ella Androphobia already warned us:



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