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“The story of the spaceships and the people who operate them is not anything new. Some of the people in this country and around the world are trying to open their minds to the point where they could accept, possibly, that somebody, somewhere, on another planet is intelligent enough to fly here and observe us, “super beings”.

This isn’t actually the case at all. These people originally colonized this planet. Their Ancestors and ours are the same people...way back in history. The people in these craft coming here are the same people that our Bible has written about. They’re called “angels” to us - by the church - simply because we don’t understand what “angels” are.

Now, the story of Adam, which has been misunderstood...Darwin tried to tie us up with the apes and couldn’t find the missing link...

“Adam” was a colony, landed on this planet by the Ancestors of these people coming here today. That’s where we got the name “Adam” in the Bible, because these people are of the Tribe of Adam.

The Adamic people landed here and, very much as we would do on a planet that was practically uninhabitable, if we landed on a strange planet we would send a crew of men up there to kind of knock off the rough corners before we took our women along...and that’s exactly what they did.

And it tells you that in the Bible, too, it tells you they were lonesome, they had no helpmate. It says “they” in the plural, too. It doesn’t say “he”. And “Adam” is referred to as “them” in the plural many times.

These...true Race of Man, that’s what they are...we are humans and they are Man, there’s a difference. Man was given dominion over all things, not humans. The true Race of Man, in the colonization of this planet, found here an upright, beautiful creature...the Bible says these creatures were “upright” and “beautiful”...

The missing link that Darwin couldn’t find was breeding...

[Adamic Man] found he could mate with these “upright” animals. And the cross-breed descendants of that “original sin”, or crossing of species, is the human race. We, today, are descendants of that “original sin”. We are not responsible for it but that’s what it was.

That has never been properly explained. These peoples explanation of it is the best, to my knowledge, that I’ve ever heard...

“Eve”, they say, is a race of these “upright creatures”, both male and female, they weren’t just the women, there were men and women of this upright creature, but they weren’t of the Race of Man. These people explained it that way. They said the Race of Eve were these upright creatures and the Race of Adamic Man were the colony that landed here...

They are around this planet in great numbers. They have always been here, they’ve always had ships around the planet, observing things...

Naturally, you can see why they didn’t want to mix with us...because this is a sick planet. We are the descendants of a mistake their forefathers made in violation of the law. Therefore, they look upon us as their responsibility and that’s primarily why they’re around the planet. They know we are the only planet occupied in this solar system that are not capable of taking care of ourselves in this crisis that’s coming...”

1958 | George Van Tassel

George Washington Van Tassel was an American contactee, ufologist and author.

This post originally published on Odysee:

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