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Or at least it should be, and we shouldn't be demonizing anyone with White skin just because your college professor told you so. Hear me out before you reply with college-course talking points. Women's rights is FOR ALL WOMEN and therefore should be race-neutral, and that should be a common sense no-brainer mindset about it. Advocating for the rights of women everywhere is worldwide, and should have no race-specific politics added into the mix. And in order to call out the oppression non-White women face, you should have the courage to call out the oppression they face from their own men as well (which should also be common sense).

So why do so many feminists, in other words other women (male 'feminists' shouldn't count for obvious reasons; no offense to the site owner here), resort to anti-White language, accusations and slurs (like Karen) still? Feminism is already hated enough as it is and the oppositional people from all walks of anti-feminist life (many of them being pickmes too) all over the globe are already using anti-feminist talking points to treat all feminists/women as subhumans/competition. So why should we target a specific demographic that we should be defending instead? Who are we to judge ALL of that group of women as 'partially privileged' just because of their race? Do you know of their own life situation to talk? Ask yourself that. If not, then don't judge...because she could be going through the worst financial time of her life or the worst kind of abuse. All because of her SEX.

Feminists who also end up going after white women for having views that they don't fully agree with is almost just as shitty of behavior as the anti-feminists' bad behavior constantly on display all the time against women. We should be better than that and stop the shit-flinging infighting. The huge hatred of White people was a big reason (other than some unfortunate shit that happened in my life during that amount of time) why I took a big break from feminist activism for many years...and I don't think I'll be exiting out of that break anytime soon unless things change for the better regarding the drowning of racial intersectionality within feminism. I would include sexuality-based intersectionality as well, but that isn't as vicious as the racial stuff.



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