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Charla Nash is an American woman who got mauled by a pet chimpanzee(named Travis) that was owned by her friend, Sandra Herold, back in 2009. Sandra tried her best to get the chimp off of Charla as she was calling the police. The cops came and shot Travis dead, but not before he severely tore up Charla Nash's face, leaving her blind and disfigured.

The chimp's name was Travis and he was a very valued companion among the Herold family.

Over the years, Sandra Herold's only child died in car crash and her husband died of cancer. She went on to die of an aneurysm, a year after her friend was mauled by Travis. As you can see, Sandra's life was very sad and tragic.

I personally don't think it's fair for Charla Nash's family to sue Sandra Herold for millions since she barely had anything to lose, before she passed away. Plus, what happened to Charla was not expected to happen, by either of the two women. They both knew Travis since he was young and built a strong bond with him. The only difference is that Sandra was the primary caretaker. Charla wanted to help the chimp out. She had a lot of love and trust for the ape. She came over to Sandra's house, simply to help take the chimp back inside, but she had a different hairstyle at the time, which may have startled the chimp. Sandra tried her absolute best to stop the attack. That's all that matters. She even used a knife on Travis, but to little avail.

Charla Nash had her face rebuilt by surgeons and it looks presentable, but the most important goal that the medical industry should aim for, is to help people like her restore her vision, when it becomes possible to do so. Maybe they can do an eye transplant, use artificial eyes, or even use stem cells to help regrow new eyes.

If I had my entire face ripped off, I would think that there is no point in getting my face rebuilt, unless I can see again.



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