01:26 AM Dec 12, 2023 EST

I wanted to ask if anyone here has accepted getting old? I wanted to tie this into radical feminism since patriarchy in its vanity always values women who are hardly legal. I myself am of course disgusted by how men view women, but realized how hypocritical I am for allowing to affect me. I have stated on here that I am a former amateur fighter, that I used to be pretty good and several years after retiring, I am passing on these skills to my daughter. My username isn't random, I believe in this cycle of womanhood and think you don't need to believe in Wicca to apply it to real life.

I had to look myself in the mirror a few days ago and just admit "I'm old!" It wasn't easy, but it felt like a relief to just admit that I'm not as good as I used to be and that it's okay. I don't even have abs anymore, they were losing definition even when I was working out, so I paid the consequences by not training them and I'm gaining some weight. The only strength I have left is in my arms and I understand when I'm in my 60s, that will eventually go away too. I refuse to do a breast lift and while I'm not completely gray on my head, I don't even bother dying my hair. I feel like I was always lying to myself by feeling pressured to look youthful, then understood that my behaviors were manish, when I'm a woman and not a man.

I'm spiritual even if I don't believe I will have eternal life after death, I believe I will experience consciousness in a different way from being human. I was brought into the world by a woman (mother Earth) and a woman will be there for me at my death. I'm not unhealthy or overweight, but I think I got closure in just accepting this cellulite ridden body that is weaker than it once was. I wish it was the 1980s again, but I knew this day was coming and rather than be a manosphere fool, I will accept my next stage into womanhood as the Crone.



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