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Or JustPearlyThings. Whatever dumb username she goes by, she's still a despicable pickme that's become too popular to be at all good. I know this is a post calling out another women, and I would rather just keep attacking male bullshit all day, but she really takes the cake. Especially after I realized how bad of an influence and person she is. So from what I know about her, going by some of the reaction videos about her I've watched so far, she's an extreme anti-feminist woman who's lived a privileged life looking down on women, especially working women who flat out refuse or simply can't get into a traditional relationship with a man. In all of her ignorance, and rich privilege, she fails to mention that there have always been working (class) women...so her attempts at forcing other women to 'get back into the kitchen' will never work. Hypocritical of her, since she herself never seemed to have struggled doing any important tasks in the kitchen herself and probably has had everything handed to her on a plate by her rich family. She's also never seemed to have dated before in her life and is not seeking to actually date someone now either. Her hypocrisy and ignorance sickens me. She, like her manosphere male counterparts, is also of the belief that female people under the age of 19 are the 'best' dating material even for men who are well above their age (and that statement of hers can be taken as pretty damn borderline pedophilic too, since I don't think she's ever put a limit of that age range).

But all of that isn't why I bothered to make a post about her. The main reason why I bothered to make a post about her was because I found out that she kicked off another woman from her radio show episode when the other women had even the slightest of disagreement with her, and PearlyThings getting mad that the other woman was talking back to her at all in the first place. And then PearlyThings telling her something along the lines of 'you sound like a feminist now' (as if that's actually a bad thing) and basically telling her that that's why she's getting kicked off of her show. Absolutely disgusting behavior lacking in any sort of integrity for debating. The only reason she and her channel blew up as much as they did is because of how much of a handmaiden she is. But eventually, the males will start to turn on her also. Just give it some time and I will be proven right (and honestly, I won't say either way whether she deserved it or not for throwing other women under the bus).



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